Quick Answer: How Many Ways Can You Make 18?

How many ways can you make 17?

We know that there are at most seventeen terms (1 + 1 + 1 …

= 17), and three possible values for each term (0, 1, or 2).

So we can give an upper bound on the number of iterations as 3^17 = 129140163, which is a manageable number of iterations..

How many ways can you make 5?

Technically speaking there are infinite ways to make five. An example would be 10,000 – 9,995 = 5 or -5 + 10 = 5 and you could go on from there.

How many combinations of 6 are there?

With 1 item there are 6 possibilities with 2 you only have 5 choices after the first if you don’t repeat the same item. So for 6 items the equation is as follows 6*5*4*3*2= 720 possible combinations of 6 items. If you can choose to use less of the items in a sequence that changes things. 1 item used = 6 possibilities .

How many combinations can 4 numbers make?

10,000 possible combinationsThere are 10,000 possible combinations that the digits 0-9 can be arranged into to form a four-digit code.

How many ways can you represent 12?

There are 89 ways (and 89 is the 11th Fibonacci number). You’re looking for “restricted compositions” of 12 (the restriction being that each part is at least 2).

What can I multiply to get 16?

16 = 1 x 16, 2 x 8, or 4 x 4. Factors of 16: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16.

How many are in a dozen?

twelveA dozen (commonly abbreviated doz or dz) is a grouping of twelve. The dozen may be one of the earliest primitive groupings, perhaps because there are approximately a dozen cycles of the Moon, or months, in a cycle of the Sun, or year.

How many ways are there to place number 1 to 6 on a dice?

720 optionsIn the case there are no limitation on the way we sort the different values (i.e. it’s not a normal dice which opposite sides sum up to 7), and there’s also no rotation allowed (the cube is fixed) – then the answer would be 6! = 720 options. Now let’s consider 1-axis rotation is allowed.

What times what will give you 18?

Answer and Explanation: 1 * 18 = 18. 2 * 9 = 18 and. 2 * 6 = 18.

What three numbers make 15?

Therefore the average sum of three numbers is 45:3=15. The number 15 is called the magic number of the 3×3 square. You can also achieve 15, if you add the middle number 5 three times. The odd numbers 1,3,7, and 9 occur twice in the reductions, the even numbers 2,4,6,8 three times and the number 5 once.

How many ways can you roll a 7 with 2 dice?

There are five ways to make the six and eight. There are six ways to make the seven. By knowing how the numbers are made, you can calculate the odds of making any numberbefore the seven is rolled. Since the number 7 can be rolled six ways, you dividethe number six by the number of ways a number is rolled.

What gives you 15?

15 = 1 x 15 or 3 x 5. Factors of 15: 1, 3, 5, 15.

What does 1212 mean?

According to Angel Numbers, seeing 1212 (12:12) means stepping out of your comfort zone and starting anew in your life. You begin pushing yourself towards something different because you feel like you are not at the place where you want to be on your journey.

How do you spell 14?

14 (fourteen) is a natural number following 13 and succeeded by 15. In relation to the word “four” (4), 14 is spelled “fourteen”.

What 4 numbers add up to 5?

Thus when 7 is added to 7 the sum of digits is reduced to 5….NumberRepeating Cycle of Sum of Digits of Multiples4{4,8,3,7,2,6,1,5,9}5{5,1,6,2,7,3,8,4,9}6{6,3,9,6,3,9,6,3,9}7{7,5,3,1,8,6,4,2,9}8 more rows

How many ways can you add to a number?

The number of ways to do this is the same as setting the first digit to k=4,3,2,1,0 in turn and then using the remaining digits to sum up to k−1. F2(n)=n∑l=0F1(l)=(n+1)1! F3(n)=n∑l=0F2(l)=n∑l=0n+1=(n+1)2+(n+1)2!

What are some ways to make 18?

Factors of 18:The square root of 18 is 4.2426, rounded down to the closest whole number is 4.Testing the integer values 1 through 4 for division into 18 with a 0 remainder we get these factor pairs: (1 and 18), (2 and 9), (3 and 6). The factors of 18 are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18.

What is 12 called?

The usual ordinal form is “twelfth” but “dozenth” or “duodecimal” (from the Latin word) is also used in some contexts, particularly base-12 numeration. Similarly, a group of twelve things is usually a “dozen” but may also be referred to as a “dodecad” or “duodecad”.

How many combinations of 5 dice are there?

7776 possible combinations5 dice. Now things are getting a little busy! There are 7776 possible combinations for five dice.

How many ways can you roll a 6 with 2 dice?

Probabilities for the two diceTotalNumber of combinationsProbability325.56%438.33%5411.11%6513.89%8 more rows

What can equal 81?

81 = 1 x 81, 3 x 27, or 9 x 9. Factors of 81: 1, 3, 9, 27, 81.