Question: What Does Enervate Mean?

How do you use enervate in a sentence?

Enervate in a Sentence 🔉The wrestler’s plan was to deliver a crushing blow which would enervate his opponent.

Because he is much heavier than me, the only way for me to enervate him is by putting a sleeping pill in his food.

The alcohol appeared to enervate Jason’s ability to focus at work.More items….

What does Torpefy mean?

to make: to make torpid : benumb, stupefy.

What is the opposite of enervate?

Antonyms for enervate. beef (up), fortify, strengthen.

Is enervated a word?

Bewilder, and really perplex; This word, enervated, Is close to deflated; Once you get it it’s not so complex.

How do you use the word ephemeral in a sentence?

Ephemeral sentence examples. The civic reaction was an example of the ephemeral nature of the public’s interest. New words are constantly being coined, some will prove ephemeral, others are here to stay. Concentrate on remembering the ephemeral moments which will be the most precious 20 years from now.

What does ephemeral mean in English?

adjective. lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood. lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.

Can a person be ephemeral?

The term can still be applied to living things in a more poetic sense, denoting a lifespan of more than one day – a person’s life can be ephemeral, meaning not only that it was shorter than expected, but also left a relatively small impact on those around him.

What does ephemeral mean in plants?

Ephemeral, in botany, any short-lived plant, usually one that has one or more generations per year, growing only during favourable periods (as when adequate moisture is available) and passing the unfavourable periods in the form of seeds.

What does Enverated mean?

enervated; enervating. Definition of enervate (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to reduce the mental or moral vigor of. 2 : to lessen the vitality or strength of.

What does enervation mean?

verb (used with object), en·er·vat·ed, en·er·vat·ing. to deprive of force or strength; destroy the vigor of; weaken.

What does perturbed mean?

verb (used with object) to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind; agitate. to throw into great disorder; derange. Astronomy. to cause perturbation in the orbit of (a celestial body).