Question: What Are The Causes And Consequences Of Job Satisfaction?

What are the consequences of having job satisfaction?

Other effects of Job Satisfaction: In addition, there are a number of other effects brought about by high job satisfaction.

Highly satisfied employees tend to have better physical and mental health, learn the new job related tasks easily, have less job stress and unrest..

What are the causes of job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction depends on several different factors such as satisfaction with pay, promotion opportunities, fringe benefits, job security, relationship with co-workers and supervisors, etc. Factors affecting the level of job satisfaction are; Working Environment. Fair Policies and Practice.

What are the major causes of job satisfaction quizlet?

Terms in this set (5)Need fulfillment. -The extent to which the characteristics of the job fulfill an individual’s needs (physiological and psychological needs) … Met expectations. … Value attainment. … Equity. … Dispositional/Genetic components.

Which 4 are sources of job satisfaction?

Opportunities for promotion, training programs, and capacity of career development are other factors that cause job satisfaction. Employees seek fair promotion policies and practices. Promotions provide opportunities for personal growth, more responsibilities, and increased social status.