Is Robb Stark A POV Character?

Why is Robb Stark not a POV character?

Robb, being a king, did not have a point of view chapter as well, because Catelyn was our eyes and ears (figuratively speaking) throughout his reign and campaign.

Same for Ned with Robert, Cersei (and Sansa) with Joffrey and Tommen, Asha and Theon with Balon..

What POV is Game of Thrones written in?

narrator The book is narrated by an anonymous third person narrator. Each chapter is written from the limited omniscient perspective of one of eight characters, meaning that the narrator only has knowledge of the perspective character’s thoughts and experiences for the duration of the chapter.

What is a POV character?

POV characters are those characters whose perspective the story of A Song of Ice and Fire is told from. … They are differentiated from the main POVs by having a descriptive title rather than just a name and appear only when needed for story purposes.

Is Robb Stark a good guy?

Throughout the books, Robb Stark is usually depicted as a good King with his people’s best interests at heart. But we have always been looking through the eyes of either Ned, Catelyn, or Bran, and never from a neutral standpoint. Jaime Lannister’s view can hardly be trusted either, since he was a prisoner and an enemy.