How Do You Use Lull In A Sentence?

Is lull a word?

See lull, think “calm.” It could be the noun form (like “the lull before the storm”) or the verb: one can lull someone by calming them (as in lulling a baby to sleep with a lullaby).

The noun lull is often used in relation to a storm, but the term has a broader meaning as well..

What is the opposite of lull?

▲ (busyness) Opposite of a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity. busyness. clamourUK. clamorUS.

What is a synonym for lull?

verb. ( Synonyms. tranquillise reassure pacify appease still conciliate assuage comfort calm quieten gentle quiet tranquillize assure gruntle console placate solace soothe compose calm down mollify lenify tranquilize. Antonyms.

What does it mean to lull yourself?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to sleep or rest : soothe He was lulled to sleep by her soothing voice. 2 : to cause to relax vigilance were lulled into a false sense of security. lull. noun.

What does suppress mean?

verb (tr) to put an end to; prohibit. to hold in check; restrainI was obliged to suppress a smile. to withhold from circulation or publicationto suppress seditious pamphlets. to stop the activities of; crushto suppress a rebellion.

What does Haggard mean?

adjective. having a gaunt, wasted, or exhausted appearance, as from prolonged suffering, exertion, or anxiety; worn: the haggard faces of the tired troops. wild; wild-looking: haggard eyes.

What is another word for boring?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for boring, like: dull, tedious, monotonous, dreary, tiresome, humdrum, uninteresting, dry, irksome, wearisome and drear.

What does in a lull mean?

a temporary calm, quiet, or stillness: a lull in a storm. a soothing sound: the lull of falling waters. a pacified or stupefied condition: The drug had put him in a lull. SEE MORE.

How do you use operate in a sentence?

Operate sentence examplesI hope you will find him sympathetic and ready to co- operate in promoting all that is reasonable. … It did not operate as a rule beyond the limits of race. … That’s up to you but you’ll need me to operate the machines.More items…

What is a lull in a conversation?

a period of quiet or reduced activity: a lull in the conversation.

What does furiously mean?

When you do something furiously, you do it in a very angry manner. If you furiously tell your friend to stop looking at her phone while she drives, she’s going to know you’re serious.